Photo Salon «Golden Drag – 2018» / «Золотий Драг – 2018» // Results

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Dear Friends,
Photographic Art Association of Transcarpathia would like to thank you for your entry to our exhibition and we wish you much success in future.
We hope that you enter again on our next exhibition.

Yours sincerely,
Volodimir Norba – chairman of the organizing committee.

The contest received 1567 photographs from 136 authors from 36 countries.
As a result of the jury have been selected 381 of photographs, of which 48 photographs have won awards.

 Prize winners of the 1st International Salon of Art Photo “Golden Drag – 2018”

 FIAP Blue Badge for the Best author of the Salon: Edit Erdelyine Csorba, Hungary.

Section A «Open» Color:

1 FIAP Gold Medal Lee Eng Tan Singapore From The Lotus
2 Salon Gold Medal Zsolt Bikfalvi Romania Tanti
3 Salon Silver Medal Pavol Cepcek Slovakia A-1 Beauty Of Life
4 Salon Bronze Medal Tevfik Ileri Cyprus Face To Face
5 PAAT Silver Medal Lukasz Kozlowski Poland Charcoal Burner 1
6 PAAT Bronze Medal Raymond Seh-guan Goh Singapore Play With Water
7 FIAP Honorable Mention Kristijan Jesenovic Slovenia Natures Geometry Ii
8 FIAP Honorable Mention Kruno Schmidt Germany Final Point
9 Diploma from Salon Aleksandr Sinelnikov Ukraine Walks With Shadow
10 Diploma from Salon Leif Alveen Denmark Pink Casa Traditionale
11 Diploma from PAAT Ita Martin Ireland Morning Gallop
12 Diploma from PAAT Leonid Goldin Israel Ideal Figure

Section B «Open» Monochrom:

1 FIAP Gold Medal Anatoliy Volokh Ukraine Rebirth Of Life
2 Salon Gold Medal Leif Alveen Denmark Horselord Galloping 096
3 Salon Silver Medal Cyril Boyd Ireland Going For Gold
4 Salon Bronze Medal Pawel Ferenc Poland Church
5 PAAT Silver Medal Valentino Cossettini Italy Fencing B2
6 PAAT Bronze Medal Roberto Soares-gomes Brazil Faces
7 FIAP Honorable Mention Olga Kukush Ukraine Scenography Of Pregnancy 06
8 FIAP Honorable Mention Suk Han Chan Hong Kong Walking On Sand 203
9 Diploma from Salon Edit Erdelyine Csorba Hungary Lake House
10 Diploma from Salon Hans Guenther Germany Alles Im Blick
11 Diploma from PAAT Emil Jakubco Slovakia On This Picture
12 Diploma from PAAT Zsolt Bikfalvi Romania Mozsi

Section С «Nature»:

1 FIAP Gold Medal Raymond Seh-guan Goh Singapore Enjoyment
2 Salon Gold Medal Jozsef Bezdan Hungary Frog_love
3 Salon Silver Medal Marco Merello Italy Batti Becchi
4 Salon Bronze Medal Leonard Banas Slovakia In The Fog
5 PAAT Silver Medal Mykhailo Petskovych Ukraine On The Edge Of The Village
6 PAAT Bronze Medal Alexander Maretsky Belarus Alone
7 FIAP Honorable Mention Eyal Amer Israel Very Noisy
8 FIAP Honorable Mention Judit Deri Hungary Bryce Np
9 Diploma from Salon Julia Gora Ukraine Colored Canyon In Dahab Bw
10 Diploma from Salon Simon Kovacic Slovenia Capra Ibex 703
11 Diploma from PAAT Andrej Belovezcik Slovakia Thirteen
12 Diploma from PAAT Zygmunt Trylanski Poland Fiery Dawn

Section D «Nude»:

1 FIAP Gold Medal Yaroslav Shelepa Ukraine Grace 2
2 Salon Gold Medal Dora Csorogi Hungary Spiral Staircase
3 Salon Silver Medal Beate Kulpa Germany Melanie 2
4 Salon Bronze Medal Tamas Fekete Hungary Mother And Child
5 PAAT Silver Medal Peter Morris New Zealand Raw Beauty
6 PAAT Bronze Medal Katalin Toth Hungary Disguised Forms
7 FIAP Honorable Mention Cyril Boyd Ireland Anna Rose Posed
8 FIAP Honorable Mention Ibolya Stipsits Hungary Shades
9 Diploma from Salon Eyal Amer Israel Odalisque
10 Diploma from Salon Jan Marhulik Slovakia Akt 09
11 Diploma from PAAT Anatoliy Volokh Ukraine Ballerina
12 Diploma from PAAT Chris Ducker Ireland Reflection


Accepted & Awarded works:

  Golden_Drag-2018_Awards-120918 (83,9 KiB, 392 hits)

  Golden_Drag-2018_Accepted (150,7 KiB, 573 hits)

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