3rd Photo Salon «Carpathian Drag» 2020 / Фотосалон // Results

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Dear Friends,
Photographic Art Association of Transcarpathia would like to thank you for your entry to our exhibition and we wish you much success in future.
We hope that you enter again on our next exhibition.

Yours sincerely,
Volodimir Norba – chairman of the organizing committee.

The contest received 4207 photographs from 352 authors from 54 countries.
As a result of the jury have been selected 1026 of photographs, of which 48 photographs have won awards.

 Prize winners of the 3rd International Photo Salon “Carpathian Drag” FIAP 2020/278

 FIAP Blue Badge for the Best author of the Salon: Taras Dutka, Ukraine.

Section A «Open» Color:

1 FIAP Gold Medal Zorian Lishchynsky Ukraine Color Life
2 Salon Gold Medal Sherman Cheang Macao I Eat Snake
3 Salon Silver Medal Ovi D Pop Romania Four Seasons 04
4 Salon Bronze Medal Godfrey Wong United States The Red Arrows Airshow 2
5 PAAT Silver Medal Raymond Bridges United Kingdom The Art And Dream Of Dance
6 PAAT Bronze Medal Florentino Molero Spain Pasarela Al Infierno
7 FIAP Honorable Mention Raghavendra Naik India Mud Bath
8 FIAP Honorable Mention John King United Kingdom Hope Valley Golden Dawn
9 Diploma from Salon Seyed Ehsan Mortazavi Iran People And Flowers
10 Diploma from Salon Simon Kovacic Slovenia Tuscany 63
11 Diploma from PAAT Cezar Gabriel Popescu Romania Slovenia
12 Diploma from PAAT Hansa Tangmanpoowadol Thailand Spirit Of Water Ii

Section B «Open» Monochrome:

1 FIAP Gold Medal Taras Dutka Ukraine Map Of Life
2 Salon Gold Medal Mohammed Rimon United Kingdom Recite The Holy Quran
3 Salon Silver Medal Pavol Cepcek Slovakia Janko Hrasko 2
4 Salon Bronze Medal Cyril Boyd Ireland Dani De Lion
5 PAAT Silver Medal Jeno Major Romania Back To The Roots
6 PAAT Bronze Medal Veronique Moussu France Debout
7 FIAP Honorable Mention Xiping An China Camel Dog1
8 FIAP Honorable Mention Digwas Bellemane India Picking A Baby Up
9 Diploma from Salon Both Gyula Romania Home Bread
10 Diploma from Salon Leonid Goldin Israel Special Diet
11 Diploma from PAAT Eugen Bibo Romania My Moustache
12 Diploma from PAAT Imon Das India Play Together

Section С «Nature»:

1 FIAP Gold Medal Gabor Baross Hungary Mirror
2 Salon Gold Medal Sue Oconnell United Kingdom Egret And Sambar Deer Cooperation
3 Salon Silver Medal Istvan Magdo Romania Chip And Dale
4 Salon Bronze Medal Tibor Berendi Hungary Savory
5 PAAT Silver Medal Gilboa Levi Denmark Golden Eagle-1
6 PAAT Bronze Medal Marusya Slobozhan Ukraine Smile Of The Sky
7 FIAP Honorable Mention Chethan Rao  Mane India Missed The Snack
8 FIAP Honorable Mention Mao Yuan Chen Taiwan Green Eyes Bird Brooding
9 Diploma from Salon Beverly Hayes United Kingdom Golden Praying Mantis
10 Diploma from Salon Jingyu Guo China Dream Iceland
11 Diploma from PAAT Frantisek Toth Slovakia Merops Apiaster
12 Diploma from PAAT Taras Dutka Ukraine After The Storm

Section D «Travel»:

1 FIAP Gold Medal Jeno Major Romania Transylvania
2 Salon Gold Medal Mykhailo Petskovych Ukraine Orvietto 3
3 Salon Silver Medal Tomasz Okoniewski Poland Abyss 2
4 Salon Bronze Medal Vladivir Maltsev Ukraine Mute Entreaty
5 PAAT Silver Medal Lajos Nagy Romania Early Morning Mist
6 PAAT Bronze Medal Ruggero Colozzo Italy The Rooster And The Spinner
7 FIAP Honorable Mention Buket Ozatay Cyprus Viti
8 FIAP Honorable Mention Said Aoubraim Morocco Taguia
9 Diploma from Salon Alvaro Piermattei Italy A Winning Breath
10 Diploma from Salon Luis Leandro Serrano Spain Venetian Mime
11 Diploma from PAAT Robert Quig Scotland Lineage On Luskentyre
12 Diploma from PAAT Urs Albrecht Switzerland Pouring The Iron

Accepted & Awarded works:

  Carpathian-Drag-2020-Awards.pdf (83,7 KiB, 448 hits)

  Carpathian-Drag-2020-Accepted.pdf (281,5 KiB, 926 hits)

  3rd Photo Salon "Carpathian Drag" FIAP Certificate (104,2 KiB, 545 hits)

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