Photo Salon «Carpathians» 2019 / Фотосалон «Карпати» 2019 // Results

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Dear Friends,
Photographic Art Association of Transcarpathia would like to thank you for your entry to our exhibition and we wish you much success in future.
We hope that you enter again on our next exhibition.

Yours sincerely,
Olga Norba – chairman of the organizing committee.

The contest received 4770 photographs from 401 authors from 56 countries.
As a result of the jury have been selected 1217 of photographs, of which 63 photographs have won awards.

 Prize winners of the 1st International Photo Salon “Carpathians” 2019

 FIAP Blue Badge for the Best author of the Salon: Jeno Major, Romania.

Section A «Open» Color:

1 FIAP Gold Medal Bardossi Virgilio Italy In The Stable
2 Salon Gold Medal Wolfgang Lin Hong Kong Dragon Boat
3 Salon Silver Medal Gary Greteau France Blue Yellow Green
4 Salon Bronze Medal Kyle Tallett United Kingdom To The Girl I Left Behind
5 PAAT Silver Medal Kovacs Norbert Hungary Fractal Patterned Lake
6 PAAT Bronze Medal Roger Evans United Kingdom Shes Going Down
7 MFVSZ Gold Medal Frantisek Toth Slovakia Aurora Borealis I.
8 MFVSZ Silver Medal Stane Vidmar Slovenia Windows 13
9 MFVSZ Bronze Medal Lubomir Schmida Slovakia Liptov 2
10 FIAP Honorable Mention Nhan Le Hoang Viet Nam Tam Song
11 FIAP Honorable Mention Chidi Chen Taiwan Water Beauty
12 Diploma from Salon Ole Suszkiewicz Denmark Harmonica Clown
13 Diploma from Salon Ricos Andreas Gregoriou Cyprus Someone Is Awake
14 Diploma from PAAT Gaston Bodry Luxembourg Cattenom
15 Diploma from PAAT Malcolm Jenkin United Kingdom Lace Cover
16 Diploma from PAAT Behague Patrick France Dans Le Brouillard
17 Diploma from MFVSZ Istvan Virag Serbia Ermanita
18 Diploma from MFVSZ Dusan Ignac Slovakia Shorttrack_0217
19 Diploma from MFVSZ Sameera Kotelawala Sri Lanka In My Dream

Section B «Open» Monochrom:

1 FIAP Gold Medal Kallay Laszlo Hungary Outlaw
2 Salon Gold Medal Carlo Corsini Italy In Treble Clef
3 Salon Silver Medal Bahar Borazan Turkey Semazen
4 Salon Bronze Medal Zvonko Kucelin Croatia Passing
5 PAAT Silver Medal Huynh Nam Dong Viet Nam Waitting For Rain
6 PAAT Bronze Medal Sandor Horosnyi Hungary Paterfamilias
7 MFVSZ Gold Medal Nagy Botond Romania Planting
8 FIAP Honorable Mention Sawsan Taher Bahrain Student Look
9 FIAP Honorable Mention Tony Murray Ireland John
10 Diploma from Salon Arnab Chatterjee India Praising Saint
11 Diploma from Salon Pierfrancesco Baroni Italy Garlic Seller
12 Diploma from Salon Santiago Choliz Polo Spain Sisters 02
13 Diploma from PAAT Cezary Dubiel Poland In The Space Of Lines
14 Diploma from PAAT Umberto Deramo Italy Samsung
15 Diploma from MFVSZ Both Gyula Romania Sweet Home
16 Diploma from MFVSZ Zoran Toldi Slovakia Yearning

Section С «Nature»:

1 FIAP Gold Medal Jeno Major Romania Annapurna
2 Salon Gold Medal Giovanni Fabbri Italy Discussion Between Greenfinches 7
3 Salon Silver Medal Borbala Kiss Hungary Norwegian Beach
4 Salon Bronze Medal Hasan Baglar Cyprus Morning Lights
5 PAAT Silver Medal Esteban Argerich Argentina Feeding Babies Iv
6 PAAT Bronze Medal Sergiy Stepanenko Ukraine The Arch
7 MFVSZ Silver Medal Mykhailo Petskovych Ukraine Magical Spitz
8 MFVSZ Bronze Medal Istvan Magdo Romania Bird Talk
9 FIAP Honorable Mention Menachem Sinai Israel Big Smile Small Smile
10 FIAP Honorable Mention Huynh Thi Viet Nam Two Ants
11 Diploma from Salon Barbara Jenkin United Kingdom Clinging On
12 Diploma from Salon Azelio Magini Italy Licenidi
13 Diploma from PAAT Mehmet Gokyigit Cyprus Whirlwind At Sea
14 Diploma from PAAT Sathyanarayana C R India Cheetah Chase
15 Diploma from MFVSZ Susan Pearmain United Kingdom Lions Caught In An Evening Shower

Section D «Travel»:

1 FIAP Gold Medal Waclaw Turek Poland Large Window.jpg
2 Salon Gold Medal Normante Ribokaite Lithuania Fishing 3
3 Salon Silver Medal Yuliy Vasilev Bulgaria Music For Deaf 8
4 Salon Bronze Medal Menachem Sinai Israel Live And Let Live
5 PAAT Silver Medal Guek Cheng Lim Malaysia Morning
6 PAAT Bronze Medal Ahmed Mohamed Hassan Qatar Mosque
7 MFVSZ Bronze Medal Daniel Pastucha Slovakia Hniezdne Chapel
8 FIAP Honorable Mention Sohel Parvez Haque Bangladesh Prayer
9 FIAP Honorable Mention Prabir Kumar Adhikary India Raining Colours_nandgaon
10 Diploma from Salon Minko Mihaylov Bulgaria Morocco
11 Diploma from Salon Andreja Ravnak Slovenia Morning Rhapsody
12 Diploma from PAAT Livinus Bleyen Belgium Camel Caravan
13 Diploma from PAAT Quang Vinh  Dang Viet Nam Bang Dong


Accepted & Awarded works:

  Carpathians_2019_Awards (87,8 KiB, 830 hits)

  Carpathians_2019_Accepted (323,4 KiB, 1 148 hits)

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