Photo Salon «Transcarpathian sparkle» 2019 / Фотосалон // Results

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Dear Friends,
Photographic Art Association of Transcarpathia would like to thank you for your entry to our exhibition and we wish you much success in future.
We hope that you enter again on our next exhibition.

Yours sincerely,
Volodimir Norba – chairman of the organizing committee.

The contest received 2960 photographs from 260 authors from 50 countries.
As a result of the jury have been selected 796 of photographs, of which 49 photographs have won awards.

 Prize winners of the 1st International Photo Salon “Transcarpathian sparkle” FIAP 2019/462

 FIAP Blue Badge for the Best author of the Salon: Istvan Magdo, Romania.

Section A «Open» Color:

1 FIAP Gold Medal Roy Smith Scotland Red Arrows Break
2 Salon Gold Medal Dariusz Gawronski Poland Seller Of Hard Discs
3 Salon Silver Medal Sandor Horosnyi Hungary Girl In Cloth
4 Salon Bronze Medal Francesco Paolo Calabria Italy The Streaks
5 PAAT Silver Medal Trond M. Skaret Norway Denisas Struggle
6 PAAT Bronze Medal Malcolm Cook United Kingdom Tree And River
7 FIAP Honorable Mention Huynh Nam Dong Viet Nam Ve Lai Ben Mo
8 FIAP Honorable Mention Shin Woo Ryu Korea, Republic of Palouse 13
9 Diploma from Salon Kiss Zoltan Hungary Todor
10 Diploma from Salon Jacek Szczerbaniewicz Poland Mirror
11 Diploma from PAAT Karoly Barakonyi Hungary Jesus 7
12 Diploma from PAAT Arnab Ray India Trio

Section B «Open» Monochrom:

1 FIAP Gold Medal Eileen Murray United Kingdom Schools Out
2 Salon Gold Medal Cezary Dubiel Poland Splash
3 Salon Silver Medal Ricos Andreas Gregoriou Cyprus Sad Ballarina
4 Salon Bronze Medal Gabriella Jerszi Hungary Water Barrier
5 PAAT Silver Medal Yunsheng He China B3-misty Rain Of Dongjiang River
6 PAAT Bronze Medal Solyom Erno Romania Moustached
7 FIAP Honorable Mention Jacek Szczerbaniewicz Poland Imaginary Spaces
8 FIAP Honorable Mention Urs Albrecht Switzerland Art1
9 Diploma from Salon Bjarne Hyldgaard Denmark Stairway From Heaven 1610mct
10 Diploma from Salon Judit Deri Hungary Staircase
11 Diploma from PAAT Sawsan Taher Bahrain Man Portrait
12 Diploma from PAAT Chun Yip Chau Hong Kong In The Fishing Pond
13 Jury choise Both Gyula Romania Prayer

Section С «Nature»:

1 FIAP Gold Medal Tamas Petocz Hungary Disagreement
2 Salon Gold Medal Luis Leandro Serrano Spain The Ladybug
3 Salon Silver Medal Serhii Miroshnyk Ukraine Proshchavannia Z Sontsem
4 Salon Bronze Medal Solyom Erno Romania Delivery
5 PAAT Silver Medal Istvan Magdo Romania Shut Your Beak
6 PAAT Bronze Medal Ian Whiston United Kingdom Hippo Under Attack
7 FIAP Honorable Mention Kranitz Roland Hungary Kingfisher With Prey
8 FIAP Honorable Mention Harry Daemen Luxembourg The Breath
9 Diploma from Salon Bob Devine United Kingdom Lions Mate At Sunset
10 Diploma from Salon Ricos Andreas Gregoriou Cyprus Stormy Sunset
11 Diploma from PAAT Xiping An China Fiy Over2
12 Diploma from PAAT Jussi Helimaki Finland Coenagrion Hastulatum 2

Section D «Travel»:

1 FIAP Gold Medal Huynh Nam Dong Viet Nam Don Ca
2 Salon Gold Medal Mykhaylo Petskovych Ukraine Orvieto2
3 Salon Silver Medal Pantelis Kranos Cyprus Curious Lion Fish
4 Salon Bronze Medal Heinz Peks Germany Reynisdrangar2
5 PAAT Silver Medal Taras Dutka Ukraine Petros
6 PAAT Bronze Medal Ricos Andreas Gregoriou Cyprus Dervish On The Move
7 FIAP Honorable Mention Zsolt Bikfalvi Romania Jozsefvaros
8 FIAP Honorable Mention Csilla Bolvari Hungary Sentinel
9 Diploma from Salon Thang Huynh Tan United States Sheep
10 Diploma from Salon Nermin Smajic Bosnia and Herzegovina Venice At Dusk
11 Diploma from PAAT Imre Szentmartoni Hungary Window To The World
12 Diploma from PAAT Shin Woo Ryu Korea, Republic of Desert 04


Accepted & Awarded works:

  Transcarpathian-sparkle-2019-Awards.pdf (84,4 KiB, 331 hits)

  Transcarpathian-sparkle-2019-Accepted.pdf (236,9 KiB, 475 hits)

  Transcarpathian-sparkle-FIAP-certificate.pdf (65,8 KiB, 204 hits)

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